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What is natural medicine?

Natural medicine is not about replacing a drug with a natural substance. Rather it encompasses a healing philosophy, which facilitates the body's own healing mechanisms. This potentiates optimum health and wellbeing not just the easing of symptoms. When given the opportunity the body possesses the ability to heal itself. A Natural Therapist will assess the underlying causes or aggravating factors contributing to ill health. Any factors hindering the body's own healing mechanisms will be addressed and natural medicines are used to potentiate the healing process.

"Natural medicine is not about replacing a drug with a natural substance"

Natural Medicine is also about disease prevention - the body doesn't go from good health to disease overnight. A Natural Therapist focuses on assessing symptoms and patterns of ill-health that contribute to diseases. This is achieved by:

  • Health Assessment: You will be asked lots of questions about your current and past state of health. Your nutritional status is assessed

  • Observation Techniques: Including Iridology (iris analysis) to assess weakness and dysfunction of organs and body systems. Body Fat to Muscle Percentage Measurement to help assess the progression of treatment

  • Testing: For example Hair Mineral Analysis, Food Allergy Testing, Salivary Hormonal Testing or Live Blood Analysis

Medicines used are natural and are aimed at assisting the body to heal itself. Treatment also includes removing any insults that slow or hinder the bodies healing.

"Good health is not just the absence of disease but your optimal physical, emotional and mental wellbeing"

Botanical/Herbal Medicine is plant based medicine - concentrated extracts used to generally tonify an area or body system to bring about a specific physiological effect. Herbs have been used medicinally throughout history and a Herbalist will draw from this traditional knowledge plus from recent scientific information to choose appropriate treatment.

Nutritional Medicine is the use of food and sometimes supplements to bring about a positive effect on health. Proper nutrition is used to optimise our overall health by ensuring the body is supplied with the essential nutrients it needs. This allows the body to work properly and heal. The specific actions of nutrients are sometimes used to bring about a very specific physiological action. For example, a specific action of vitamin C is to activate immune cells and an action of magnesium is to relax muscles. Most of us are aware that we are what we eat, and that poor quality food is not conducive to good health. How our bodies digest and utilise the food we eat also influences our health. Natural medicine recognises the importance of the effect of digestion on health - disease states are greatly influenced by diet and digestion. This simple but fundamental cornerstone of Natural Medicine is gradually being reinforced by recent scientific breakthroughs.

Good health is not just the absence of disease but your optimal physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Lets work together to guide you towards your optimum state of health.