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I am an established Medical Herbalist and Nutritionist working in North Sydney, and have a broad client base with many years experience treating a variety of health issues. I am passionate about helping people reach their full potential by utilising diet, lifestyle and herbal medicine.

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Why may my advice surprise you?

From experience and extensive research, the dietary guidelines that I have found to promote the greatest health are the traditional dietary practices of our ancestors, who ate from the land and utilised whole foods. Traditional foods include organic animal products and fresh seasonal vegetables. In particular your native/cultural diet may be encouraged, returning to a diet closer to how our ancestors ate before the time of modern processed foods. This is macrobiotic in the truest sense.

"I am passionate about helping people reach their full potential by utilising diet, lifestyle and herbal medicine"

What to expect when you come for an appointment?

On booking your first appointment you will be sent a welcome information pack. This contains information about where my clinic is located, pricing details and any questionaires which you will need to fill in and return prior to your appointment.

The initial appointment usually takes an hour and a half. It involves my gaining an understanding of your past and current health. This is achieved through a detailed questioning process, body composition scales, magnified digital iris photo using latest iridology technology, nutritional assessment, GAPS assessment and tests may be requested. This is used to determine the underlying causes of ill health and the priority of treatment.

Ongoing appointments can then be established weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your needs. Ongoing appointments ensure that clear treatment is maintained under guidance. This may include the prescription of herbal medicine, dietary guidelines, lifestyle modifications and/or nutritional supplementation.

Emphasis is on education so you gain a greater awareness of your own individual needs to maintain great health.

How is this different from going to a doctor?

Health Range Chart

A doctor's area of expertise is with diagnosing/naming illnesses and with easing symptoms, particularly with those that are life threatening and/or debilitating. This covers more of the right side of the Health Range Chart. However a doctor may not necessarily promote your optimum health and wellbeing. Doctors also focus on evidence based medicine whereas I draw from evidence based medicine plus time honored traditional medicine.

Although natural therapies such as nutritional and herbal medicine have less to offer for quick symptomatic relief, it is effective at addressing the underlying causes of ill health. For example, there are some very effective pharmaceutical anti-histamine medications which very quickly relieve the symptoms of allergies such as hay-fever. The limitation is that most people experience unpleasant side-effects from the medication and as the underlying reason for the allergy is not addressed the medication in most cases has to be continued long term and usually increased. By addressing the underlying causes of allergies, such as gut flora and digestive issues allergies are treated more effectively and the overall health of the person is enhanced as incorrect gut flora has been shown to produce histamine in the gut which exaggerates allergic reactions. This is a longer but more thorough process.

Who are my services suited to?

For those that have been diagnosed with a condition by the medical system but prefer a natural approach before taking chemical drugs or cannot take chemical medicine.

For those that have been to the doctor and been given a clean bill of health and yet don't feel well, or have been through the conventional medical system and done all that can be done to help the condition but feel that more is needed.

For those who want to prevent disease and ill health.

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