Herb Garden

Programs available


GAPS or gut and psychology syndrome is a specific treatment program that has been developed over many years by a UK doctor. It treats the whole body by normalising the digestive system. This is my favoured treatment program for a wide range of disorders, refer to GAPS page for more details.


I will support you through an individualised detoxification program designed to spring clean and rejuvenate you to health.

Stress management

Helping to reduce the negative effects of stress, provides education about stress, its effects and tools to relieve and manage long term stress.

Weight Loss

Individualised weight loss to optimise results, no starvation involved, fat to muscle percent monitoring, leading you to optimum health.


Conscious conception and contraception. Education about the signs of fertility to use for preventing pregnancy or enhancing the chances of pregnancy. A program for couples having difficulties conceiving as well as for those wanting to optimise their health and that of their baby during pregnancy and beyond.


Month by month support throughout pregnancy to help provide the best possible conditions for you and your baby. Educational and inspirational, natural therapies has much to offer during this time.


This systemised but individualised program is designed to strengthen resistance to allergies. Reduce discomfort associated with hypersensitive conditions such as hayfever, sinusitis, asthma, eczema, dermatitis and hives.

Due to the extreme nature of anaphylactic reactions, herbal medicine does not offer a cure however this program may help to reduce the severity of these reactions.


This is a general program designed to improve your overall health by education on the benefits of a good diet, regular exercise and a balanced lifestyle. I will prepare an individualised treatment plan over 4 weeks to target areas that need improvement.