My services

Consulting times - time zone Sydney Australia


8:30am to 4:30pm


Face to face consultation in my North Sydney office to discuss in detail your health concerns.

Health assessment - you will be sent questionnaires prior to your first appointment. These will be used in conjunction with observations, iridology and body composition scales to determine your health status. You may be recommended to have further testing done.

Treatment guidelines - includes written instructions, information and recipes.

Optional services that can be added on to your consultation are email support, detailed treatment plan and written iridology assessment.

Bookings cancelled without 24 hours notice incur a late cancellation fee.

Email Support (optional with consultation)

With the usefulness and growing need for email support I am offering 2 weeks email support for 1 email per week to address any questions. The aim is to support you with your changes in diet, lifestyle and supplements.

This service is only offered with a consultation and does not replace a consultation.

Written Treatment Plan (optional with consultation)

Treatment plan customised to your needs. This is more comprehensive than the guidelines I write for you at the time of consultation, we can discuss what you need most from the plan. The document will be approximately 5 pages of detailed information covering all aspects of treatment for your specific health issues.

This service is only offered with a consultation and takes about a week to put together.

Written Iridology Assessment

This is a detailed report on the signs within your iris and what that means for you in the language of iridology complete with images of your iris for reference. All observations are taken from digital iris photos that I will take prior to the preparation of the report.

I will need to see you in person to take photos unless I already have your iris photos on file.

It may take up to 1 week to prepare your iridology assessment.


Designed to focus on particular areas of health, refer to Programs page for more details.

Prepaid programs receive a 20% discount for cosultations.

Products not included in program prices.

Iridology photos

Magnified digital image of each iris ready for practitioner analysis, refer to About iridology page for more details.