What clients say

C.M. Bondi NSW

"I had a flare up of ulcerative colitis after 15 years without any, I researched about alternatives for healing my bowel without relying on traditional western treatments with cortisone or beta-blockers (as my family members do!). I came across to the GAPS Diet and read the book but I was a bit uncertain how I would manage the diet being diabetic type 1.

My encounter with Bronwyn gave me confidence to follow the diet and adjust the insulin. Bronwyn is very firm and precise with the diagnosis through iridology and she uses lots of intuition when "reading" the signs and what I told her about myself. The trust I have in her was made in my first appointment!"

S.D., mother Coffs Harbour NSW

"Nora is 18 months old now and her eczema is almost a thing of the past! It is now only on her ankles and feet - talk about Hering's Law of Cure! Since late September, early October we have literally watched Nora's skin clear from her head and face down. She is a happy, lively, curious and bright little girl. She loves her food, avocado is her favourite! And my anxiety is like it never existed."

F.B. Rozelle NSW

"It's one year since I first consulted you over my 'mystery' illness.

Leading up to my first consultation I had been ill for 2 years and consulted many specialists and undertaken many different forms of physical therapies to help heal my inflammation ridden body which had become stiff and full of intense pain.

Despite numerous invasive tests none of the main stream medical specialists were able to diagnose my health issue. Some had said 'well it's not good your inflammation markers are on the rise again, you know that's not a good sign, there is nothing more we can do except wait and see what happens, maybe you will get cancer, maybe lupus etc we don't know but good luck and we hope to see you back here for a check up next year'.

It was quite confronting and soul destroying dragging myself from doctor to doctor and test to test. I never gave up trying to find an answer or the right health practitioner. One of the best pieces of advice I was given along my journey was you have to own your problem and keep at it until you find a solution.

I did. I found you. You were the only health practitioner who thought outside the square. You tested me for things no other main stream Doctor did. The results showed a significant problem and under your care and referral to the GAPs program I have been able to finally beat my illness.

My inflammation markers have dropped back to normal, I move without pain, I lost weight (!) , I feel alive and have energy and exhuberance for life once again.

I can't thank you enough for your support and advice. I encourage everyone to learn about the relationship of their gut to their overall wellbeing and to consult you."

L.S., mother of 2 Marrickville NSW

"I have tried many different types of diets to find a style that is nutritious and wholesome including vegetarian, vegan, lacto-vegetarian, macrobiotic and low-fat over the last 25 years. Over the last six months and since see Bronwyn I have intoduced many of the principals of eating Traditional Foods. Eating with the simple principals of eating our food unprocessed, unrefined and presertative free just makes sense that it would be more nutritious. But with the constant bombardment of "nutritional information" and health products that are perhaps not so healthy it can be difficult to work out what to eat. With a simple one hour talk with Bronwyn Sach, I was able to discover what minerals, vitamins, essential nutrients, fats are. How to select, cook and source locally grown nutritious products. As well as practical advice on how make this style of eating affordable as well as time saving advice on how to make/prepare foods for the whole family. Being a working mum with two children this was very helpful. My only negative comment was that it was over all too soon. I think we could spend many hours on this wonderous topic and sharing ideas amoungst the group."

M.T. Petersham, NSW

"To be honest I wasn't really looking for a detox programme but this year my Christmas and New Year indulgence had gone on till March and I felt a deep need to clean out the system. So when I was recommended to see medical herbalist BS I was ready to put down the last remaining TimTams and waddle over to Dulwich Hill for my first consultation.

B asked me to recite my entire alimentary story, the ins and the outs and the comings and goings, a story which until now I've kept as a very personal monologue but with B listening I found myself describing in telling detail.

She's got a set of scales which measure everything just through the soles of your feet: weight, height (yes, I know don't ask me), blood temperature, trans-fat, even the size and texture of your major organs. It shuffles the data and gives you a biological age which reflects the true specimen that you've allowed yourself to become. I was a bit concerned that my 'age' was quite a bit older than I really am (apparently it's the other way round for baby-faced TV supremo Bert Newton), but B told me not to worry and gave me a bag of herbal goodies and a diet & exercise plan that would get me back on track.

What appealed to me about B's approach was that she finds out about your life habits and designs a detox programme that will work in harmony with you, rather than insist on some puritan shock-therapy which will put you off green veges for life. Sure, you need to get on-board with the whole healthy-eating thing but B is a realist and understands that you're more likely to make lasting changes to your health and fitness routine if you take it all one step at a time. I believe that wine and beer aren't body-toxins they're one of the major nutritional groups, I can't walk past a butcher's window without drooling a bit at the hunks of red meat, and I don't think there's anything especially wrong with having real cow's milk in your caffe latte. So it's quite refreshing to have a healthcare professional who understands all this, takes you as you are and helps fix you one TimTam at a time. (And my biological age? It's heading south and I won't stop until it's the same as my mental age)."

S.M. Newcastle, NSW

"I would also like to add this short note to thank you for the treatment I received some time ago. I would like you to know that am very satisfied with the results. Even though I live in Newcastle, it was worth the effort to travel to Sydney (after being recommended) for the consultation. Just to let you know the history, I originally consulted my doctor with the problem who prescribed medication, arranged blood tests, an ultrasound and was finally referred to a specialist who needed to do further tests by day surgery. There were no conclusive results but I was told all was OK (which it definitely was not). I eventually went to another GP but I was unsatisfied with his disinterest. I lived with the problem for some time until it was suggested I consult you. It took a while but I finally made the appointment. The rest you know. I am now a total believer in the iridology method and the medications you prescribed - they are working magic. It truly has made a big difference to my quality of life."

B.H. Annandale, NSW

"Thank you for your talk last Saturday. All in all, I thought it was a very productive hour. I liked the orderly roll out of information within the framework of Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, Fats etc but even more useful was the chance to ask questions and engage in informal discussions. For example, although I have been interested in healthy nutrition for years, and have read a fair amount on the subject, I had not realised that I should be soaking oatmeal, nuts, dried fruits etc before I use them, to make them easier to digest. This week I am really enjoying my homemade version of muesli, which I soak overnight in soymilk (oatmeal, oat bran, walnuts, dried pineapple and dried figs - the latter are hard as leather when I cut them up and yet they turn amazingly soft and juicy when soaked). Bircher Benner says we should combine this with grated apple - but I find having fresh fruit with carbohydrate gives me indigestion (????). I am happier having fresh fruit as a snack during the day. The tea and biscuits were delicious! I must get the biscuit recipe from you sometime."