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We are inherently meant to feel good, and yet many of us feel flat, demotivated, foggy headed and down much of the time, or we keep ourselves so active or busy that we don't need to feel these feelings.  Depression is the number one disability in the western world.

"Fixing" depression is not as easy as manipulating the levels of chemicals in your brain with an antidepressant drug. Depression stems from a wide variety of biological, psychological and environmental factors.

From my experience, there isn’t one magic pill, even a 'natural cure' that will transform depression – I will take you through a thorough, deep approach, looking at the many causes, to truly transform depression.  We will address the physical (body) and mental (mind) reasons for depression.

Do you feel as though you need an INTERNAL RENOVATION – a renovation of your mind, your inner world - the home in which we really reside.  We can renovate and transform your inner world to be the place you love.

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“Working with people with Depression has become my passion!  I have distilled everything down to the things that I've seen really work...”

 Bronwyn Sach 2014

Bronwyn Sach 2014

Bronwyn Sach

Bronwyn is a North Sydney based Natural Therapist who has worked with clients with Mental Health issues for over 10 years and has a particular affinity for treating depression.  Bronwyn’s purpose is to provide root-cause resolutions for depression in a clear, achievable way.  Bronwyn’s 3 month Premium Program is helping people achieve a big shift in their mental health. Helping people reach their full potential by treating the many parts of the whole person - Physical, Mental, Emotional and Relationship health. Treating the whole person leading to Deeper, Longer Lasting Effects not just a quick band-aid approach.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this Centre is not a crisis service. In the event of emergency or mental health crisis we advise you to contact the emergency services (Police or Ambulance) on ph 000, or telephone Lifeline on ph 131114, or if available, contact your GP.