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10 month Transform Depression Program

A 10 month Program to deeply address and transform the key areas to support mental health.   Designed for those who strongly identify with being depressed or who have been on medication for more than a year or are on more than 1 anti-depressant medication.  I take the time to really get to know you and how you respond to treatments and what works best for you.    We do initial and follow up testing to monitor progress.  The structure we follow covers the Key Treatment areas of Mental health and address what you are most needing individually to thrive.  Having 10 months allows us to go deeply into the treatment and establish what works best for you.

You will

  • Feel more positive, energised and joyful.

  • Know your body and mind well and what it needs to feel naturally great.

  • More fully enjoy the relationships in your life, including the relationship with yourself. Experience more fulfilling, meaningful, connected relationships.

  • Be the person you are meant to be, and live the life you are meant to live with more access to your natural joy and wellbeng.

How we achieve this 



You receive a detailed workbook and a series of recorded talks to give you the details of the key treatment areas.  This frees up our time together in your 1 on 1 consultations with me, to address your needs individually.

  • 20+ 1hr, 1 on 1 sessions with me (we book in sessions as you need - up to 1 in person per week).

  • On-line talks on all of the key areas:

  1. Understanding Depression

  2. Nutrition for Optimal Mental Health

  3. Herbal Medicines for Mental Health

  4. Gut Health and Emotions

  5. Mindful Eating, Mindful Living

  6. Mindful Communication

  7. Detox and Fasting

  8. Know the Mind Well

  9. Cultivate Clear, Calm, Alert

  • Weekly 15 minute check in phone call and emails as needed.

  • Workbook: You will receive a detailed workbook with the Key areas explained in detail to refer to, information about testing and supplements recommended, dietary guidelines, journals, mindfulness tools, further reading and scientific references.

  • Core Supplements for Optimal Mental Health.

  • Foundation Assessments and Testing.


  • ASSESSMENT: This will begin before your program begins and includes - Health History, Microbiome/DNA stool testing, Mental Health assessment, Neurotransmitter and Heavy Metal assessment, Iridology Assessment. Includes follow up iridology and stool testing.

  • UNDERSTANDING DEPRESSION: Why am I depressed? Your microbiome, chronic inflammation, heavy metals, diet, lifestyle, exercise, core beliefs, past conditioning, difficult relationships, 'toxic' emotions and 'toxic' thoughts may be keeping you depressed. What about my brain chemistry - is it all about serotonin? How does genetics fit in to all of this? Let’s examine and address what is contributing to your feeling depressed.

  • NUTRITION: Establish a diet that nourishes and supports your brain and gut flora and promotes optimal neurotransmitters (feel good chemicals). Eliminate those foods which may be keeping you depressed. Address any nutritional deficiencies so the brain can function at optimum.

  • KNOW THE MIND WELL: Examine how your mind and how its thinking contributes to depression. Start to undo conditioning and thought patterns and spring clean your mind. Learn techniques which help you start using your mind effectively rather than it randomly 'doing its own thing'. De-clutter your mind and cultivate peace and clarity. Learn the foundations of mindful eating and mindful living to support you feeling great beyond this program.

  • CALM, CLEAR, ALERT: Meditation is a deep effective way of addressing the mental and emotional reasons behind depression. Establish a strong anchor that you can easily return to when things get ‘rough’. Establish a regular meditation practice that allows you to live more and more in a state of CALM, CLEAR, ALERT regardless of your life circumstances or physical state.

  • RELATIONSHIP HEALTH: Looking firstly at the relationship you have with yourself and how you communicate with yourself. Transform how you communicate with family and friends for more peace and satisfaction in your relationships. More clearly understand your values and needs and how to take action to meet them.

  • DETOX and FASTING: Spring clean your inner home, minimise those chemicals which may be keeping you fatigued and depressed. We will look at detoxing your home, support you through individualised detox programs, and explore the benefits of gentle periodic fasting to keep the mind clear and able to function unhindered by toxins.


10 month Program Bonuses:

  • 1/2 hour pre-program session and 1/2 review session at the end

  • Follow up consult in 6 months of completing program

  • Phone and Email Support as needed for the duration of the program.

  • Cost price on any extra supplements or products recommended.

  • Free ongoing membership to Monthly Group sessions in Mindful Communication. Discounted price on workshops or retreats that I run.

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IMPORTANT: Please note that this is not a crisis service. In the event of emergency or mental health crisis we advise you to contact the emergency services (Police or Ambulance) on ph 000, or telephone Lifeline on ph 131114, or if available, contact your GP.