3 month            FoundationPackage

A 3 month Program to establish a solid foundation in the key areas to support mental health.   I take the time to really get to know you and how you respond to treatments and what works best for you.    The structure we follow covers the Key Treatment areas of Mental health and address what you are most needing individually. 

You will

  • Feel more positive, energised and joyful.
  • Know your body and mind well and what it needs to feel naturally great.
  • More fully enjoy the relationships in your life, including the relationship with yourself.  Have more fulfilling, meaningful, connected relationships.

How we achieve this 



You receive a detailed workbook and a series of recorded talks to give you the details of the key treatment areas.  This frees up our time together in your 1 on 1 consultations with me, to address your needs individually.

  • 6 x 1 ½ hr, 1 on 1 sessions with me, recorded for you to refer to.
  • On-line talks on 4 of the key areas:
  1. Understanding Depression
  2. Nutrition for Optimal Mental Health
  3. Gut Health and Emotions
  4. Know the Mind Well
  • Weekly 15 minute check in phone call as needed.
  • Workbook: You will receive a detailed workbook with the Key areas explained in detail to refer to, information about testing and supplements recommended, dietary guidelines, journals, mindfulness tools, further reading and scientific references.
  • Core Supplements for Optimal Mental Health.
  • Foundation Assessments and Testing.


  • ASSESSMENT:  This will begin before your program begins and includes - Health History, Microbiome/DNA stool testing, Mental Health assessment, Neurotransmitter and Heavy Metal assessment, Iridology Assessment.
  • UNDERSTANDING DEPRESSION:  Why am I depressed?  Your microbiome, chronic inflammation, heavy metals, diet, lifestyle, exercise, core beliefs, past conditioning, difficult relationships, 'toxic' emotions and 'toxic' thoughts may be keeping you depressed.  Let’s examine and address what is contributing to your feeling depressed.
  • NUTRITION:  Establish a diet that nourishes and supports your brain and gut flora and promotes optimal neurotransmitters (feel good chemicals). Eliminate those foods which may be keeping you depressed.  Address any nutritional deficiencies so the brain can function at optimum.
  • KNOW THE MIND WELL:  Examine what is mentally contributing to your depression.  Start to undo conditioning and thought patterns and spring clean your mind.  Learn the foundations of mindful eating and mindful living to support you feeling great beyond this program.


The individual elements of this package have a total value of approx $4,500.

3 month Program upfront payment option $3,500

Or 3 month Program installment payment option $3,850 (4 x $962.50)

Price Breakdown:

6 x 1 on 1 consults phone check-ins   $1,980

4 Online Prerecorded Talks   $120

Stool testing and Analysis   $400

Iridology Assessment and digital photo   $280

Organic Acids Test and Analysis   $700

Hair Mineral Analysis   $300

Supplements   approx $500

Workbook   $55