3 month            Foundation Program


Are you feeling down, constantly irritable, negative, fatigued or foggy headed, have unpredictable moods or not coping or enjoying your life.  Do you wake wondering how you are going to get through the day.  Or you may be surviving by avoiding feeling depression - planning interesting and exciting things to avoid being still and quiet with yourself and how that feels. You may have tried medication or natural therapies but still not as well as you could be.

This 3 month Program is to guide you through evidence based natural solutions to become happier and healthier.   I take the time to really get to know you, why you are experiencing symptoms of depression and how you respond to treatments and what works best for you.    The structure we follow covers the Key Treatment areas of Mental health with plenty of one on one time to address what you are most needing individually. 

You will

  • Feel more clear headed, calm and alert, more positive, naturally energised and joyful.

  • Know your body and mind better and what you need to feel naturally great.

How we achieve this 



We start of with a thorough investigation into why you are feeling depressed.  This includes thorough microbiome and pathology testing and analysis, Iris analysis, Health Analysis and Mental Health Analysis.  Once we are clearer about the underlying causes, and have a clear treatment plan, I support you to take the steps to feeling better.  This program addresses the physical reasons for feeling depressed (gut microbiome, toxicity, nutrient deficiencies etc) and the mental conditioning/thought patterns which can keep you depressed.  You will receive a detailed workbook and a series of recorded talks on the key treatment areas.  This gives you the detail needed to progress your health and frees up our time together in your 1 on 1 consultations with me, to address your needs individually.

Program Includes:

  • 10 x 1 hr, 1 on 1 sessions with me

  • On-line talks on 4 of the key areas:

  1. Understanding Depression

  2. Nutrition for Optimal Mental Health

  3. Gut Health and Emotions

  4. Mindfulness for Mental Health - Know the Mind Well

  • Weekly 15 minute check in phone call or email as needed.

  • Workbook: You will receive a detailed workbook with the Key areas explained in detail to refer to, information about testing and supplements recommended, dietary guidelines, journals, mindfulness tools, further reading and scientific references.

  • Supplements for Optimal Mental Health.

  • Pathology Testing


  • ASSESSMENT: This will begin before your program begins and includes - Health History, Microbiome/DNA stool testing, Parasite testing, Mental Health assessment, Neurotransmitter and Heavy Metal assessment, Iridology Assessment.

  • UNDERSTANDING DEPRESSION: Why am I depressed? Your microbiome, chronic inflammation, heavy metals, , hormone imbalances, diet, lifestyle, exercise, core beliefs, past conditioning, difficult relationships, 'toxic' emotions and 'toxic' thoughts may be keeping you depressed. What about my brain chemistry - isn't it all about serotonin? How does genetics fit in to all of this? Let’s examine and address what is contributing to your feeling depressed.

  • NUTRITION FOR OPTIMUM MENTAL HEALTH: Establish a diet that nourishes and supports your brain and gut flora and promotes optimal neurotransmitters (feel good chemicals). Eliminate those foods which may be keeping you depressed. Address any nutritional deficiencies so the brain can function at optimum.

  • KNOW THE MIND WELL: Examine how your mind and how you are thinking contributes to depression. Start to undo conditioning and thought patterns and spring clean your mind. Learn techniques which help you start using your mind effectively rather than it randomly 'doing its own thing'. De-clutter your mind and cultivate peace and clarity. Learn the foundations of mindful eating and mindful living to support you feeling great beyond this program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

"I am on antidepressant medication. Can I still do this program?"  Yes you can still do the program and get results, and there are certain herbs and supplements which can be taken with medications.  I do not take you off medication - you do this with the support of your health care professional who supervises this when you are ready.  If you are on more than one anti-depressant or psychotropic medication, please book in for a half hour free assessment to get a better idea of what we can do together and if possible bring someone with you who is able to support you with the program. 

 "This may work for some but I don't believe it will help me"  Most people I see start off with the belief that this wont work for them, and have really lost hope of getting better again.  This is part of being depressed!  While I can't guarantee the result you will get (even anti-depressants can't claim this) I can guarantee I will do my utmost to help find what you need to get results. We will be using those thing that have consistently improved depression for many of my clients.  I am also supported by mentors and am watching for new advances in natural treatments for depression. 

"I have tried Natural Therapies before and not got great results - will this help?" I find the combination of physical treatments (gut flora, herbal medicines, nutrition, lifestyle) with Mindfulness very effective - one without the other doesn't seem to get the deeper lasting results. 

“I dont have the money for this”      Money is usually a very legitimate challenge.  It is also a sign of a commitment – when I have given cheap or free services in the past, the commitment is usually looser, wavering and inconsistent and I am limited in the resources I can draw on like highest quality mentors and access to current research. When you really consider if you need to do something and put your money on the table and direct it towards something, there’s a deeper commitment, you are usually going to do all it takes to get the results for yourself, really make changes.  It is a deep message to your whole being that this is super important, it is really important for you to feel better.  This is your life we’re talking about – how much is feeling better worth? Just consider how much you might invest in a new bathroom or landscaping or how much you might spend over the next few months on alcohol and coffee.   Can you afford one more day of not acting on feeling the best you can be - another day lost under the dark cloud of brain fog and depression.  I really want you to feel the best you can and really get on and live your life.  This is priceless.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this is not a crisis service. In the event of emergency or mental health crisis we advise you to contact the emergency services (Police or Ambulance) on ph 000, or telephone Lifeline on ph 131114, or if available, contact your GP.