Apple Coriander Salad

I've just had the most amazing fresh, crisp, invigorating salad that I had to share it with you - well the recipe at least!  Most of my 'recipes' come from looking in the fridge to see what I have and creating something spontaneously.  This is an extension of my shopping - I love looking to see what I find that is fresh, organic and enticing.  I very rarely stick to a recipe or a shopping list!

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Diversify and Thrive

We have really just started learning the details of the gut flora and how it influences our health, how we feel and how well we function.   The one thing that researchers agree on is diversity is important - the more varied and diverse your gut ecology the better your health, even when there are some badies, such as parasites and candida.

So how do we diversify? 

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What to do when you feel overwhelmed

It is very difficult to live your life and function well when you are feeling overwhelmed, stuck or just drifting along pulled here and there.

The mind rarely stops - not even in our sleep! Its constantly planning, comparing, judging, criticising, fantasising and playing things over and over.  And we believe most of it. This takes up a huge amount of our time, energy and attention.

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