Happy New Year (maybe not?!)

Our body and mind are most precious.  Our mind and our private internal world is our real home, where we really live from and experience our life from, regardless of where we are or who we are with.

Our mind can be a clear, calm, and really enjoyable place to interact with the world and experience our lives from.  It can also be foggy, dull, jumbled, uncomfortable and even tortuous at times.

As depression is the number 1 disability in the western world, it’s likely that some of you reading this may not be looking forward to a Happy New Year as we start 2019, or you probably know someone who’s not so happy at the prospect of getting through another year.  You may or may not be diagnosed with depression, you may feel moody, irritable, foggy headed or feel very negative towards life towards yourself and those around you. Or you may keep yourself so busy and doing exciting things to avoid feeling the underlying discomfort of depression.

I want to let you know I have been there as well – yep, I have spent many years in a groggy mental fog, I’ve been terribly forgetful, anxious and distracted from my life, living in a haze of negativity, especially towards myself.  I’ve been on amazing holidays where I have felt the dull ache of depression and tremor of anxiety and not been able to really enjoy my experience just preferring to shut myself away.  I have been an irritable mother, not enjoying my children and even had recurring thoughts that I am no good for these precious children, they would be better off without a mother like me.   And I have to admit; I have felt suicidal more than once in my life.

I feel so lucky to have been trained in health and healing and to have been absolutely stubborn and uncompromising in my efforts to find out how to work through this and out the other side of this difficult, relentless dark space.

If you relate to this kind of thing, I want you to know that you don’t have to feel this way and experience life like this, through the lens of depression and anxiety.  I would love to help you to feel better. Get you feeling better so you can get on and live your life more fully – be the best version of you, and really live your life – just take a moment to imagine how that would be….to be the best version of you and to really live your life, whatever that is for you.

We are inherently meant to feel good – as humans we are meant to experience the wide range of emotions and mind states but with the baseline feeling of I’m OKlife is OK.  I’m not talking about an artificial high or ecstatic blissful state all the time or about avoiding difficulties and suffering, but a general sense that life is OK, I am OK.

For me, I call this Clear Calm Awake

  • I’m clear headed and getting through busy active days and getting things done

  • I’m calm – my emotions are changing and difficult sometimes, but balanced, not overwhelming and all over the place,

  • I’m awake and alert to life – generally feeling energised, awake and engaged in life and able to cope with what comes my way. I certainly have challenging and difficult things in my life but I generally feel up to the task and resourceful.   

I have brought together the things which I have seen work to help depression and developed a3 Month Foundation Programfor you guys to help you get to your natural state of Clear Calm Awake.   

My number one priority with this program is for you to get results, by getting toreally know you and what is keeping youdepressed.  So you can then forget about living a life based around your depression and can move on to other important things, like work or study, enjoying your partner or thinking about being in a relationship, planning a holiday, being the sort of parent you want to be, enjoying your life – these things may be unthinkable for you right now if you are existing in that dark cloud of depression.  You may not even have any hope that this is possible for you – that’s part of depression…the sense that there is no hope of feeling good.

So if you would like to give it a try, there are 2 things I ask of you before going further:

  • First – are you depressed – you may or may not be officially diagnosed with depression, you may be foggy headed, moody, irritable, crying easily or you may be finding it hard to get through your days with not much spark of motivation.  Do you generally feel down, overwhelmed or negative about life – no hope.  You might be taking medication which may or may not be helping. You may have other health issues you are struggling with.

  • Secondly – is at least part of you willing to commit to doing what it takes to make a difference in your health?  I need to know that you are committed to getting the results, even though it’s likely your mind is going to step in all the time in many different ways to sabotage your efforts. Your mind is going to keep coming up with reasons why you can’t do this or that it’s not going to work for you (and part of our work together is to address this very real and common issue).  You need to at least turn up to appointments on time and really give it a go.  You will need to be prepared to make changes – “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” Albert Einstein

From over a decade of patient care, and my own recovery journey, I have refined and tested this 3 Month Foundation Program.  It is both a STRUCTURED format with all of the essentials and it is PERSONALISED to you.  It is one on one in person (or via Skype), not an online course that you need to take yourself through. It is Premium – we do what we need to, to get you well.

To find out how to get started, reply to this email with your best contact number to make a time for a free get to know you session.  We can sit down in person or on Skype and discuss more. Book in your program before the end of January to receive a special offer. 

"I'm surprised at how much better I feel and how I am coping with things even though I've got some pretty cr#p stuff happening at the moment" B.R. 2018 Participant

"When I signed up to do your 3 month course I imagined it would be mostly about tests and supplements and food, and this was really useful stuff and made a big difference.... But at the end now I realise a huge part of my improvements has been with the mindfulness exercises... I even have your voice inside my head now!  It's one of the main ones now where it used to be mostly my critical voice ...now I hear your voice pop up with phrases like  "can you just do it, even though your mind will come up with endless excuses not to" A.N. 2018 Participant